Live Athens as an Athenian

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So many days and so many things to see and do… but when you are staying in Athens for more than 4 days, you will have to take a walk via Apostolou Pavlou promenade to the Acropolis Museum and you will have to climb up to the Parthenon in one day, bound for details and not just the essentials and certainly you will get to have a better understanding of Ancient Greece & its history.

You may return to your hotel through the Ancient Agora of Athens. If time is on your side, its a chance to unravel the wonders of the ancient times. You can start another day with the National Archaeological Museum of Athens that will show you many different historical faces of Greece from ancient times through the Byzantine period and the neo classical works of art.

Walking around all Athens to see the historical sites and even learning the small streets and secrets of the city, can probably guess that you have become a natural-born Athenian but sometimes there is a need for a break and return back on track. Take a stroll down Ermou street which is Athens’ downtown main area of shopping, with hundreds of commercial shops with clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up and a whole lot of wanna-have things.

Find your way through the streets of Plaka & Monastiraki enjoy the retro shops that you may find there, enjoy a cup of coffee and have fun watching the locals selling their merchandise! If your stay has a Sunday in it, you can start a new day wandering through the largest flea market around, where everyone is selling anything at every corner! Through Leokoriou str. to Monastiraki & Plaka.

While you are walking through the flea market, find your way to Syntagma Square and in front of the Parliament. Best suggestion would be to be there by 11.00 am where the Evzones do their most impressive change of guards and where they wear their most formal of uniforms although you can see the change of guards at any time (every hour) every day, it is Sunday that is the most ceremonial one; the one that should not be missed!

In the evening after a short rest at the hotel, there are many places to go and have dinner. Walking through Athens and the old streets of Psiri and finding yourself surrounded by cafés, tavernas, bars & clubs and in the midst of all this, you will see the old small factories that have sat and watched the area change into a modern party area! Your definite choice for more party will be Gazi and its surrounding choice of bars and clubs! To have a little change of views, many days of historic walkthrough can be too much, so take a trip with a tour guide or by yourself to the little islands that are close by.

Aegina, Hydra & Poros are the closest and most popular islands near Athens and they have a constant schedule that runs daily. Aegina is the biggest of the 3 islands and about 45 minutes by hydrofoil. It has many artisan shops, cafés & taverns and of course in the summer its many beaches offer a wonderful escape from the urban heat. Hydra is a small picturesque island where no cars or motorcycles are allowed and during the summer, not even bicycles! It is about 2.5 hours from Athens with the hydrofoil but it is well worth going for the day especially in the summer for swimming! Last but not least, Poros, an island next to Hydra of about 30 minutes by boat, if you want to see yet another island, just hop on a small little boat to take you to Poros to enjoy the nice beaches & great water sports.

After a longer day island hopping, enjoy a quiet meal and have rest in your room! Or freshen up and head to the Gazi area, the new and upcoming party night area with many bars, clubs & restaurants! If you do not feel like taking a boat to see the sea, there are two areas of Athens that you can go to and enjoy café, something to eat or party till the morning light. You can travel by taxi to Mikrolimano (the small port), in Piraeus, where there is a strip of café bars and restaurants, the latest having an excellent name for fish food.