Herakleidon Museum


Herakleidon Museum was opened by the inspiration of neoclassical art and to exihibit the artist works of those who have influenced the evolution of the art world. Although badly damaged by the many earthquakes it has withstood, this neoclassic building was completely restored, renovated and designed according to the highest standards. The facade of the historic building was renovated in the 1990’s following a government decree.

The museum’s mission is to introduce visitors through the audiovisual and other aids to the art of the exhibited artist. Specifically,  to show how the artist has evolved through the various important periods in his or her career, to explain the various techniques used by the artist to express his or her vision, and to help the visitors connect to both the artist’s life and work.

In keeping with its function as a museum, the most up-to-date security, protection and display systems have been installed. Lighting with optical fibers, temperature and humidity controls, and proper visitor circulation meet the most exacting museum specifications.