Panathenaic Stadium

by taxi

The Panathenaic or ”Kallimarmaro” stadium, as it is also known, is one of the oldest open stadiums in the world and is the only one built entirely from marble. The stadium was initially built during the classical times and had wooden seating. In 329 BC it was rebuilt in marble by the archon Lycurgus and in 140 AD was enlarged and renovated by Herodes Atticus, giving a capacity of 50,000. Centuries ago in the specific stadium the Athenian people were celebrating Panathinaia which was a fest and actually athletic games for honouring the godess Athena , the protector of the town. In recent times the stadium is mostly known as the place where the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896. Also, in the Panathenaic or ”Kallimarmaro” stadium, every year in the beginning of November, the famous Athens Marathon takes place in honour of the ancient athletic Greek spirit.