Theatre of Greek Dances ”Dora Stratou”

by taxi

”Dora Stratou” Theatre of Greek Dances is an open garden theatre established in 1953 by ”Dora Stratou”, daughter of a famous Greek politician ”Nicolaos Stratos”. The theatre is located in the slope of Philopappou hill just opposite to Acropolis. Having a capacity of 800 seats during the Summer it hosts daily perfomances by a company of over 75  dancers, musicians and folk singers from all over Greece.

The performers dance all kind of traditional dances, from every region and island of Greece wearing traditional handmade costumes and jewelery.Because of the large collection of costumes (more than 2000), folk jewelery, handmade items and the priceless archives collected through endless research of the field,it has earned the fame of a living museum. Apart from dancing performances, the Theatre organizes dancing lessons, lectures and research programs all year round.