A couple of days in Athens

Travel guide

Since you have a couple of days to soak in the ancient sites of Athens you can plan your days in Athens with relative ease. Best time to visit the Acropolis is in the morning (especially in summer) but before you start ascending, take your time and visit the Acropolis Museum that gives you a guideline about Greek history of the Parthenon & of the Acropolis. Take a breath and have a seat at the intermediate level, at the museum’s café with the best view in the city! The other major archaeological sites are nearby to see.

A new day in Athens, find your way to the Parliament at Syntagma Square, where you will see the well-known Evzones; every hour there is the ceremonial change of guards with very interesting stepping and timing! If your stay has a Sunday in it, then you must definitely go to see the change of guards at 11.00 am although you can see the change of guards at any time (every hour) every day, it is on Sunday that it is the most impressive one, the one that should not be missed!

Not too far once again from the hotel, walk through Plaka and Monastiraki to pick up a few souvenirs for your loved ones back home and admire the neoclassical buildings and houses in the area and have a seat to give your legs a break from so much walking and have a snack in the old city!

Afterward, take a walk to National Archaeological Museum which has some of the most important artifacts of Ancient & Modern History of Greece; unique objects of utmost importance, originality and ingenuity along which the early rise of the whole western civilization took place!

If you are here for a Sunday, you can not miss the downtown flea market that begins from early morning until the afternoon. You will find the flea market right at your feet beginning from Leokoriou Str. and all through Monastiraki & Plaka! Rumors say that if you cannot find something in the flea market, you probably don’t need it.

Take a trip for a few hours to the uptown area of Kolonaki, where you will find all the fashion names located on different corners. Kolonaki shines with the cream de la cream of café-bars & restaurants and it is one of the famous hangouts of greek stars, models, journalists, politicians and businessmen. In Kolonaki and Ermou, you will find department stores, where all the top brand names in fashion, accessories, make-up and perfumes are all in one.

Night time in Athens is when everything and everyone comes alive! Wander and wonder through Gazi, the intense nightlife area and Psiri, a labyrinth of small streets which are filled with cozy bars, clubs & taverns with live music! Taste the authentic food & spirits of Greece and plunge yourself into the shining night…